Methods and Materials

Methods and materials muralist and decorative fine artist

Vidya Gauci is a Decorative Fine Artist

Creating Classic Beauty with Contemporary Elegance

Decorative Fine Arts




 Each project is a mutual collaboration between artist and client/designer/architect who is commissioning

    the decorative fine art

 Budget, scope, scale and desired time frame of work are each considered

 Project begins with extensive research that is applicable to the desired style & space

 Sample scale drawings are first created

 Sample watercolors and/or sample boards are  created to determine palette, media & application technique

 The approved artwork is enlarged to size for transfer to appropriate surface

 Materials used are environmentally friendly acrylics, latex, oils, glazes, & sealants for durability

 Final full scale rendering is executed with refinement and exceptional attention to detail

 Vidya Gauci Decorative Fine Arts is a licensed & insured business in Santa Barbara, CA

 When additional assistance is required to facilitate a project, Vidya works with highly skilled, licensed and

   insured decorative painting crews, under her supervision, who each have 15 years experience.