About Vidya Gauci

About Vidya Gauci

Vidya Gauci is a Decorative Fine Artist

Creating Classic Beauty with Contemporary Elegance

Decorative Fine Arts





As a professional decorative fine artist for nearly fifteen years, my art practice has been defined by a core aspiration for beauty: its refined and skillful visual expression, and its contemplative value as it points to its transcendent source, while it soothes and uplifts the human spirit.


As a young art student in the New York City conceptual art scene of the seventies and early eighties, I recall continually being asked by my professors, “what are you saying with your work?” I pondered deeply, but keenly felt the lack of maturity to truly answer. 


At the end of sophomore year, I took a leave of absence to travel and soul search what was significant, had depth and felt true to me. During this leave, I discovered and explored contemplative sacred traditions, and was hired under the Reagan Administration, chosen amongst five Long Island artists, to “enrich the public with art,” creating my first public mural.  I was genuinely inspired and awoke to what felt like naked Truth and classic Beauty. When I returned to completing my fine arts degree at Marymount Manhattan, this inspiration became central to my life and practice as an artist. I expanded my art study to training at the School of Sacred Arts in the Village, at the School of Visual Arts and at Parsons School of Design.  Later, I would take further art training in Florence, Italy, to study the old masters.


For twelve years, I immersed myself in contemplative life and embraced a monastic vocation in the classic Indian tradition of Vedanta.  During this time

I created sacred art in Asian and European traditions. When I chose to re-enter society in the nineties, I professionally focused my art practice to “creating beauty with contemporary elegance,” as a service to those who would commission artwork, often large in scale, to uplift and enhance their unique environments.  I became engaged in an ongoing and enriching exchange between artist and client, harmoniously co-creating what I came to collectively refer to as “decorative fine arts,” whose key objective was beauty.


After being an employee of a local decorative arts guild, I established Vidya Gauci Decorative Fine Arts in 2000, specializing in murals, custom paintings, ornamentation, stenciling, and hand-painted fabric and furniture.  In time, I also became a consultant for color, design and decorative finishes.  To date, all my work has steadily been by commission, working with many designers, architects, and a distinguished clientele.  My method is typically characterized by mutual collaboration, extensive research, rendering scale drawings and painted samples of the proposed work, and achieving a refined application technique with meticulous attention to detail when creating the full-scale on-site installation.