Vidya Gauci Endorsements and Testimonials

Client endorsements decorative fine artist Vidya Gauci

Vidya Gauci is a Decorative Fine Artist

Creating Classic Beauty with Contemporary Elegance

Decorative Fine Arts



“Vidya is the most talented artist I've ever met. Since moving to Santa Barbara and building our dream home five years ago, Vidya has created exceptional decorative fine art for several key areas of our home. Our style is French Provincial, and Vidya diligently researched, designed and embellished our archways, walls and ceilings to flow with the style of that period. The results are magnificent!”  ~Debra Kass


“Fortunately we met Vidya many years ago, and have consistently experienced her exceptional artistic talents throughout the years. She exceeds our expectations on every artistic challenge. Vidya is a joy to work with. First and foremost she is always concerned that the end result will be exactly what we wanted. If you are lucky enough to work with Vidya... you will be rewarded.”  ~Tom and Caryn Cantella 


“Over the past twelve years I have worked with Vidya Gauci on numerous projects.  She is wonderful to work with, immediately gets what I want, and executes it in a professional, highly creative and artistic manner.  I could not ask for anyone better to collaborate with in order to achieve the end result I am looking for.” ~Ann James—Interior Designer


“Joy, beauty, vitality...summarize the essence of her exquisite art.  Vidya’s unfailing eye for what suits a space, painstaking historical and artistic research, and excellence distinguish her work. Her creative process is a journey that she generously shares; it is flexible, informative, and interactive. And the door is open for a most enriching friendship along the way. It is a gift to live with Vidya’s art.”  ~Susan M. Spector


 “Vidya brought such beauty and blessings into my home and heart through her wonderful artwork, her professional creative expertise, and her kind attentive manner.“ ~Tommie Jean Pitts


“It’s always my pleasure when I have the opportunity to work with Vidya.  Vidya is not only a true professional with her artistic skills but has the magical ability to create and design exactly what my client and I are looking for. Be it a large mural or a small stenciled border, I know she will treat my project as a top priority and get the job done with her positive, artistic and professional approach."  ~Marsha Byers—Interior Designer


“Vidya is a gem! She is very attentive to every detail and will not be satisfied until you are. We have been delighted with her work and her professionalism. You can count on her!” ~Julia and Lee Carr


 "Vidya makes waking up in the morning a JOY as we look at the seascape mural she created in our Master Bedroom. The waving palm trees make us feel the tropical breeze, and as the sun scrolls across the wall the waves seem to be lapping onto the shore…TRULY A BRILLIANT MURALIST!”  ~Dr. Marvin Brown




Private Clients include:

Dr. Marvin & Gabrielle Brown

Tom & Caryn Cantella

Leila Carpenter

Julia & Lee Carr

Diana Couch

Jean & Steve Crossland

Paulina Cutter

John & Margery Davies

Suzanne Duca

Patricia Eder Friedel

Sherry & Robert Gilson

Karen & Rick Heimberg

Debra & Dan Kass

Shirley Jensen

Peter Kavoian  & Ray Winn

Jim & Esther Eiting

Preston & Merle King

Dr. Jeff & Nancy Kupperman

John Marsch--Montjoie

Marjerum Residence

Brent & Marie McQueen

Farrokh & Sally Nazerian

John Paullin

Tommie Jean Pitts

John & Janna Price

Nancy Read

Anita Roddick

Susan & Barry Spector

Spivy Residence

Ken Switzer

Rose & Addison Thompson

Thomas & Elizabeth Tegart

Marlene & Robert Veloz

Oprah Winfrey




Commercial and Public Clients include:

AT&T Retail Store, Costco S.C., Goleta

CALM Design House, 2009 & 2008

Cinque Terre Luxury Townhomes, SB

Coastal Postal, Vons S.C., Montecito

Cornerstone House


Endowment for Youth Committee

Figueroa Mountain Ranch & Farmhouse

Figueroa Street Luxury Townhomes

Granada, old theatre restoration of stenciling

Richard Heimberg General Contractor

Hillside House

Hotel Cheval and Winebar, Paso Robles

Lazy Acres Market

Los Arroyos Restaurants, SB

PromoShop, LA

Understanding Principles for Better Living Church

Valley Stream South High School, NY

Vedanta Temple

White Lotus Foundation

Yoga Soup

Santa Barbara Airport Terminal, City of S.B.


Designers & Contractors include:

Ann James Interiors

Arnold Designs

Becker Construction

Marsha Byers Interior Design

Penny Bianchi Interior Design

Paul Franz Construction

Elizabeth Graham Interior Design

Patricia Goodman Interiors

Korpinen & Erickson Interior Design

Susan Spieler Design Associates